Week of March 22nd

Week of March 22nd, 2021

This was the twelfth week of the 2021 Legislative Session. At this point in the session, a majority of bills
have either been sent to the governor to be signed or are being discussed in conference.
Conference on a bill occurs when further discussion is needed to reach the best solution. A conference
consists of three representatives and three senators who work together to finalize a bill. Most of the
bills in conference at this point in the session deal with the state budget.
Once a bill is out of conference, it must go to both the House and Senate for a vote before being sent to
the governor.
Along with holding conferences all week, the House did meet to discuss and pass local and private bills,
suffrage bills and resolutions. The House also brought up and voted on several conference reports that
have already been filed.
With only one week left in the 2021 session, legislators will remain in Jackson to work through the
weekend. The deadline for bills to come out of conference and pass in both houses occurs next week.
Any bills that are passed will then be sent to the governor to be signed into law.

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