Update From the Week of March 18th

This was the eleventh week of the 2019 Legislative Session. Because it is late in the session, much of the
week was spent deciding whether to concur with any changes made to House bills by the Senate or to
invite conference on those bills. In conference, representatives and senators work together to finalize
the details of each bill before they are sent to the governor. Included in the bills being sent to
conference are most of the revenue and appropriations bills from both the House and Senate, which will
decide the state’s budget.
On Thursday, Governor Phil Bryant signed Senate Bill 2116 into law. “The Heartbeat Bill,” as some have
called it, makes it illegal for someone to have an abortion after there is a detectable heartbeat in the
womb. Usually this occurs at or around week six of a pregnancy. This law is now one of the most
restrictive abortion laws in the United States.
At the beginning of the week, the House welcomed two new members who won their special elections
last week. Representative Solomon Osborne (District 32) and Representative Ronnie Crudup, Jr. (District
71) were sworn in on Monday afternoon prior to session by Speaker Philip Gunn. Districts 32 and 71
were left open last November when former House members Willie J. Perkins, Jr. and Adrienne Wooten,
respectively, each won elections for judgeships. Two House seats (Districts 73 and 101) remain vacant
at this time.
Legislators at the Capitol honored many Mississippians this week for their positive representation of our
state. While on a class field trip, teenagers Jacob Humphrey, Seth Humphrey, C.J. Holland and Austin
Macklemore were recognized before the House for rescuing a child from drowning two weeks ago in
Leland. The House also recognized U.S. Marine Corps Corporal David Potts, Sr. for his long life of service
as one of the first African-American Marines (HR 71). Several sports teams from around the state were
also recognized for their accomplishments.
The House also honored Representatives Nolan Mettetal (R-Panola) and Ray Rogers (R-Rankin) for their
many years in the Mississippi legislature. Both representatives previously announced they would not be
seeking re-election in 2019 and had decided to retire. They were each joined by family and friends and
were presented with HC 93 (Rogers) and HC 94 (Mettetal) commending them for their service.
Visitors this week include the Mississippi Head Start Association, the Small Business Development
Center, the Mississippi Autism Board and the Behavior Analysis Association of Mississippi.