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Legislative Updates

Weeks of January 6 and 13 2020

Weeks of January 6 and 13 On January 7, 2020, the Mississippi State Legislature began the first session of the new four-year term. Per the Constitution of the State of Mississippi, the first session of every term is scheduled to last 125 days, as opposed to 90 days. This is done to accommodate inaugurations, new committee chairmanships and procedural matters like choosing parking spaces and offices. House members took the oath of office on the first day before the election of Speaker of the House and Speaker Pro Tempore.

March 11th Legislative Update

Senate Bill 2770 would give teachers and assistant teachers a pay raise for the first time since the last raises were authorized over a two year period beginning in 2014. Initially, the bill stated that salaries would increase $1,000 to be phased in over two years. During Tuesday’s floor action, the House Education Committee introduced the bill with a strike-all amendment with the same $1,000 raise. Representative Steve Holland (D-Lee) offered an amendment to the strike-all raising the amount of the increase for teachers only from $1,000 to $4,000. The increase for assistant teachers remained the same.

March 4th Legislative Update

This was the ninth week of the 2019 Legislative Session. The deadline for House committees to report Senate bills occurred Tuesday at 8 p.m. Any Senate bills that did not make it out of committees died. Throughout the rest of the week, the House met to discuss bills that survived this deadline. Representatives passed a number of Senate bills, including the following:

Legislative Update for the Week of February 18th

The House was responsible for looking at the preliminary budgets of about 50 state agencies, including the Departments of Education, Transportation, Health, Medicaid and Human Services. These bills represent half of the state’s budget; the other half is currently being considered by the Senate and will be sent to the House for consideration later in the legislative session.

Legislative Update Week of February 4th

Two bills from the Public Utilities Committee would help prevent spam phone calls to Mississippians. House Bill 763 provides that call spoofing is a violation of the Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act and passed 110-6. House Bill 1045 increases the maximum civil penalties for violations of the Mississippi Telephone Solicitation Act and passed 115-3.

Legislative Update Week of February 11th

The House met as a whole throughout the week to discuss general bills that made it out of committee and onto the calendar. Thursday, Feb. 14 was the deadline for representatives to discuss these general bills. Any bills not discussed in session by this deadline died on the calendar.

Update From the Week of February 25th

The end of this week marked the deadline for House appropriations and revenue bills to be introduced and passed. The House Appropriations Committee finished passing bills regarding budgets for state agencies last week, so most legislation came from the House Ways and Means Committee.

January 28th Legislative Update

Donnie catching up with the 2018 National Championship Lady Bobcats Softball Team from Jones County Junior College

Legislative Update Week of January 21st

Legislators had a full schedule during the third week of the 2019 Legislative Session. The deadline for introducing bills was on Monday night, so the calendar quickly became full with bills and resolutions to discuss. Although most work is still happening in committees, several pieces of legislation reached the House floor.

First Update for the 2019 Legislative Session

On January 8, 2019, the 134th Mississippi State Legislature began the fourth and final session in its four- year term. Four new members joined the Mississippi House of Representatives this past year as a result of special elections and are experiencing their first regular session. Click to read more.....

January 14th Legislative Update

Because it is early in the session, the committees are just starting to meet as bills are still being drafted, so the floor action has been light. Bills must be passed out of committee before they are considered by the House. The deadline for the introduction of general bills and constitutional amendments is Monday, January 21, so many committees are waiting until all bills are filed to hold meetings. CLICK TO READ MORE

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Think You May Have Unclaimed Property?

The Office of the State Treasurer is responsible for the administration of the Unclaimed Property Act. The law requires that “holders” such as banks, credit unions, insurance companies, retail stores, utility companies, and business associations turn over to the Office of the State Treasurer any assets such as money, cash, checks or stocks that have been abandoned for which there has been no contact for a period of five years. The Unclaimed Property Division is charged with trying to locate the rightful owners of such assets.

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